The Bhārata

Poetry, on hold – interrupted by away home.

The Bhārata reclaims the Indo-European war epic, such as has come down to us, within the great Sanskrit poem The Mahābhārata. The longest known poem, some three hundred thirty thousand lines in the critical edition, seven times longer than The Iliad and Odyssey combined, The Mahābhārata is to South Asian literature and culture as the Bible, Homer, Shakespeare and Milton are to the West. At its heart, scarred and buried, is a heroic epic from the same Indo-European tradition that produced the Greek epics, a song of ancient bards that continues to break through the cacophony of later editors and commentators. By focusing that song through the lenses of the current text and historical research, The Bhārata is a creative re-visioning of the epic, at the turbulent cusp of the iron age.

One excerpt appeared in dandelion 34.1 (2008).

Book one, Die Cast, was written with the assistance of an Ontario Arts Council’s Chalmers Arts Fellowship. Books two and three, A Game of Dice and The Jungle Book, were written with the assistance of a second Ontario Arts Council’s Chalmers Arts Fellowship.

Ontario Arts Council

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