In Progress

Never content to work on one project alone, I currently have several major works in various states of submission and progress. And there’s the proverbial bottom drawer.


On the advice of an esteemed editor, my first book of fiction, The Mango Stone, has undergone a severe edit over the last two years. I expect to resubmit the work to one of the best literary publishers in Canada before summer.

away home interleaves together two sets of poems about language, writing, travel and family. It is currently out for peer review and will be considered for submission thereafter.


Surgeon’s Log is a poetry project that begins with the scrapbook comments of Surgeon Lt Bruce Campbell who began his naval career by meeting Winston Churchill at the Atlantic Charter.

Masala-Fried Sunfish is what happens when new Canadians go to the cottage. It is still in development but is pushing itself to be written. I hope to have time to start writing in earnest later this year.

Bottom Drawer

The Bhārata is a contemporary poetic retelling of the central epic in the great Sanskrit poem The Mahābhārata. It is currently on hold as I concentrated on finishing other books and as I patiently await the long promised publication of the source material.

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