Poets and Historians Remember

This Remembrance Week, I’m honoured to participate in our traditional partnership between Canada’s artists and military. Through poetry, paintings, photographs, films and other art forms, Canadian artists, both in and out of uniform, have worked to document and express the realities of service not captured by facts and their analysis.

Recognizing the importance of both perspectives, the Grey & Simcoe Foresters Museum (36 Mulcaster St, Barrie) is hosting a series of War Literary Readings that brings together both poets and historians to mark Remembrance Week:

Tuesday 8 November, 1–2 pm, damian lopes presents ‘Lest we forget: Researching Surgeon Lt Bruce Campbell: a poetic look at the Battle of the Atlantic through a doctor’s eyes.’

Wednesday 9 November, 1–2 pm, Major John Fisher presents ‘The First Iraq War – The Mesopotamian Campaign 1914–17.’

Thursday 10 November, 1–2 pm, Barrie’s Poet Laureate Bruce Meyer presents ‘Frank Prewett: A Canadian War Poet and the Missing Link in Our Literature.’

Friday 11 November, 1–2 pm, Bruce Meyer presents ‘Our Lost Trench Literature: The voices of the Great War and how they were retrieved from oblivion,’ accompanied by a Grey & Simcoe Forester Piper.

This program of readings is part of the Museum’s recently launched partnership with Georgian College and the University Partnership Centre (UPC) to serve the people of Barrie by preserving the heritage and advancing the cultural awareness of this historically significant city and its surrounding area.

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