2 slides of A

2 slides of AVisual poetry

Okay, calling this a chapbook is a stretch, but it’s more than a leaflet and less than a book. Inside the nifty card wrapper, complete with a printed spine, are two plastic slide cases, one black and one white. Each image is the same, except inverted. As the back explains:

while 2 slides of A may be 
viewed in many ways, the 
piece was designed with the 
intension of viewing both 
slides simultaneously, black 
case in front of white.

This piece was something of an accident. I originally intended only one slide, but the printer made an error, forgetting to invert the film as requested – these slides were lino-printed on film, the way plates are made for offset printing. So with two versions (for the price of one!) came two slides. Because there is a space between the two images, their foci are different and the effect surprising.

out of print
2 35 mm slides in card wrapper, 5 x 5 cm; linoprint, laserprint, body-stamp
first edition of 36 copies
fingerprinting inkoperated, Toronto, June 1993

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