sensory deprivation / dream poetics

sensory deprivationPoetry and visual poetry

Alcuin Award for Book Design

Each section of this double-barrelled collection of  poetry, concrete and visual poetry is an essay. sensory deprivation explores the visual noise and overload of contemporary culture, while dream poetics offers an argument for a poetics in this culture. The print book is the companion to the online edition.

Launched 1998

128 pages, paper, ISBN 1-55425-020-1
first edition of 500 copies
Coach House Books, Toronto, 2000


track marks of information scar the arms and our retinas are etched with a film of headlines. sensory deprivation is an exploratory surgery and biopsy of language – a medical search for the nested growths of text under the skin where ‘every word implies the absence of every other word’.
– derek beaulieu, fillingStation

Lopes blends more traditional-looking poems (found in portions of Sensory Deprivation / Dream Poetics) with a number of visual techniques: photo and digitally enhanced collage, found schematics, popular print media, graphemic decimations and dissemblages. The thematics are wide ranging as well: far from merely fetishizing the physicality of language, Lopes here investigates language, body, and machine as a kind of technological nexus. Indeed the book amounts to something of a compendium of current possibilities for visual poetics.
– Tom Orange,

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