Caju Press

In 1995, my brother, Dominic McIver Lopes, and I founded a small (and short lived) press dedicated to publishing South Asian folk literature for a western and expatriot audience.

Both of us had been searching for folk literature, especially from our ancestoral Goa, and had found the process frustrating. In other words, we saw a gap that we thought needed filling. The image of the twinned cashew apples was adopted as a colophon, following a design from a label on a feni bottle. Caju feni is the liquor make from pressed cashew apples in Goa. Our mission statement (written while drinking said feni) read as follows:

Caju Press publishes finely crafted English-language editions of South Asian folk literature. Its special mission is to acquaint expatriate South Asians with their literary heritage. It is a not-for-profit organization.

A Handful of Grams: Goan Proverbs By the summer of 1996, we had managed to collect, edit and print our first title, A Handful of Grams: Goan Proverbs. This slight but profound collection of sayings was well received, and was reviewed in both Canada and India.

Though further titles were planned, none were brought to press as Caju Press was unable to generate sufficient support and interest.

A Handful of Grams: Goan Proverbs is still available (online ordering coming soon).

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